Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Empty! Derma Intensive Firming Body Lotion

Bah! I wish I would include body lotions and cleansers etc in my 10 pan! I’ve got through a few things in the last few days that I wouldn’t consider to count and i am running out of others fast. I suppose that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have any money to spend on stuff…..Dah well.


I got this ages ago in Tesco, I haven’t seen it anywhere else so I don’t know if it is one of their own brands or something… It was around £3 on the shelf but when I got to the till it came up as 76p! For 250ml!


I made this big so you can see better, this doesn’t make any outlandish claims to firm your body within a specific timescale but does say it will help tighten and ‘remove fatty build up’s’. First of all, I didn’t use this as often as directed. I do try and moisturise twice daily but more often then not I only moisturise after a shower when my skin is feeling driest and that seems to be enough for me. I didn’t notice any firming or tightening effects probably due to this but I do still like this as a moisturiser.


It is really liquid, I would say to the same consistency as a cleansing milk or similar. Above is a tiny blob that tried to escape across my hand! It sinks in easily which I love, moisturisers that stay on the skin for a while really annoy me, I like to get dressed and get on with my day! I start with my legs and by the time I have reached my arms and chest my legs feel comfortable enough for me to put my trousers on – win! There is a scent but I don’t really mind that. I do love pretty smelling things but on occasions I’m wearing a great perfume I don’t want anything to compete so this is ideal for that, there is no scent on the skin.

Overall I really like this. It sinks in quickly and aside from the potential for mess from the consistency of this, it’s pretty ideal for me. It moisturises without leaving me feeling clammy (sorry guys, thats an awful word). If I didn’t have a mountain of body lotions and could find this again in Tesco I would repurchase :)

Have you tried anything from this range? Or even seen it in Tesco? I would ask for recommendations for moisturisers but I have about a million in my drawer!!!

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  1. i really need to put myself on a project 10 pan, i don't have enough self control though lol xx


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