Monday, 10 January 2011

Get your lips around…..NYX Fig

Evening guys! How is everyone’s week? Now I’m back at uni I don’t know whats more exhausting, there or placement. Definitely a tie at the moment. Oh well only a few months left then I’m FREE! Unleashed on the working world…

I showed you some swatches of my NYX Round lipstick collection before but they were abysmal. Some of the swatches did actually represent the colour but some transfer so differently on the lips so I thought I’d post them separately too, in fact I’m going to try and do my entire lipstick collection. Though my collection is nothing compared to some Sad smile

Without further ado….



Fig is described by MakeUpGeek as “satiny rose pink” though I’d say it is a little brighter than it sounds, maybe almost a Barbie pink on me. Thanks to the great British weather providing me with a complete lack of daylight the pictures aren’t brilliant but needs must. I would say the top right hand picture best shows the colour as it is on my lips and the swatch on my arm shows it well too. This colour really brightens my face but isn’t so overpowering that I really need to tone down my other makeup. It is a go-to alternative to my usual suspect nudes in my book.

I can’t really comment on the wear time of this as nothing lasts long on me, I am constantly smushing my lips together as I am a total fidget and need to constantly be moving something, even if it is just my lips.

I got this from eBay but there is now a NYX website for the UK, though they are more expensive than in the US.

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  1. This looks absolutely lovely, the shade looks like the perfect girly pink that you could wear with almost any makeup look!

    The NYX lipsticks look amazing but I don't own any myself, because they aren't sold here in the UK (as far as I know) so I'm always wary of ordering them online in case I dont like the colours! ♥


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