Monday, 3 January 2011


I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and new year! What did you get up to?
I just got back from the boys today, back at uni tomorrow :( but it's the last stretch before I'm all qualified and can start earning some proper money!
I went
on something of a makeup binge and got a few goodies I'm trying out so expect a few posts in the next few days....
Anyways, these are the polishes I've been wearing for the last few days....
I have no id
ea why this is sideways but Blogger has done this to me before. Sigh. This is Essie's Tart Deco and Accessorize Molten Copper. This is my fourth Accessorize polish and so far I'm impressed. Such beautiful shades!
Tart D
eco is from the Spring collection (I think) and is BEAUTIFUL! Due to the lack of light I was unable to take some good pictures, the colour on my little finger is the closest I could get to real life. It usually looks great with my skin tone but I think as I'm so wintery pale it didn't look quite as good this time. This was three coats, two might have done but on some nails I could see nail line which I hate so I gave three for luck along with two coats of Molten Copper on two nails of each hand.
You can see on the picture that the finger with Molten Copper on it has a strange orange tone beneath it. That isn't the polish, it is just bronze glitter in a clear base, but Tart Deco goes a hideous radioactive orange colour when you apply top coat which is what you can see.

You can see the sparkle in Molten Copper though not quite the complexity. It really does sparkle between light and dark tones with a rose gold hint (crap description) but it is beautiful! I did this on Saturday and there are some chips and tipwear on the Essie only nails but that is likely due to the lack of top coat, I have worn it before and got a longer chip-free period.
Another quick yet again sideways pic just to show you the true hideousness of Tart Deco with top coat! Top with topcoat, second Tart Deco alone.
I do love Tart Deco and wear it frequently so I'll try and take some better pictures next time I wear it.
I got Tart Deco from a drugstore in New York but Essie is available from department stores at around £8-9 and Accessorize polishes are available from Accessorize and Superdrug and cost £4.
Sorry it's a bit of a crap post but I haven't posted in ages and thought I should do something!
How were your new year celebrations? I had a quiet one, stayed in with the boy and his nephew watching the Sopranos. I've just started watching it and I'm hooked!!!

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