Wednesday, 5 January 2011

NOTD Models Own Gun Grey

Happy Wednesday! I know it's only midweek and it is a 4 day working week but my god for me it is going sloooow. That may be because I had a day off today hoping to get started on some work (didn't happen) and instead overdosed on Diagnosis Murder. If thats possible.
Anyhoo, I got this varnish a few months ago as I was going out for my friends 'Only Way is Essex' birthday night and this matched my outfit....
The second picture is with flash and that shows the colour as it is in real life, a dark blackened grey though in some lights it can appear browny. Wear is quite frankly ashtonishing. You can see that huge chip? That has appeared since I painted these last night and when I noticed it at around lunchtime today, the time inbetween I was either asleep or watching TV and on the laptop - hardly nail-chipping activity! This happened when I wore it for my friends birthday too, within around 2-3 hours I had chips on at least 3 fingers. I have a few other Models Own polishes and I swear they are not this bad but I am going to but one on tonight to check.
I paid £5 for this from Boots and it is also available from the Models Own website.
How about you ladies, how have you fared with Models Own polishes? Any goodies I should be keeping an eye out for?

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