Saturday, 29 January 2011

Avon True Colour Quad–Lace Hues

Hi guys, how’s your weekends going? Productive? Lazy? Either way I hope you are having a good time and if you made it to IMATs let me know how it went! Jealousy…

So my friend has just become an Avon lady and as it was her first months order I thought I’d flick through and see if there was anything worth ordering. I knew I was going to order the gel eyeliner pencil that has been doing the rounds on these blogs and there was a lipstick with a funky shaped bullet I’d had my eye on. I saw this quad and fell in love with the teal! I constantly oversleep and I am NOT a morning person, even with a coffee my brain doesn’t work until at least 10 so eye makeup that is non-neutral and involving more than 2 colours is far from my mind. However I don’t think I have any colours like this though now I own it I am bound to find about 6 dupes in my collection, sod’s law.

The packaging is pretty with the lace design though probably a bit boring if it was one of the standard ones. It is made of sturdy plastic and closes securely, no bag spillages from this bad boy!


Apologies for the crap pics, my digital camera washes EVERYTHING out so I’m using my phone until I can get to my boyfriend’s and steal his awesome pimping camera. The shadows from L-R top-bottom are a creamy shimmery gold with gold sparkles, a matte pinky-lilac, a mossy green with a hint of shimmer and a shimmery tealy blue.



Top picture is without primer (a few swipes too) and bottom is over Boots No7 Smoothing and Brightening eye primer. As you can see the primer works wonders on these shadows, they look so boring and are poorly pigmented without. The cardboard packaging has a suggested look for these shadows which I followed this morning….


I used UDPP rather than the No7 primer for this and the pigmentation isn’t brilliant though I used a wet brush Sad smile. This is the pink over the lid, green in the crease and teal in the outer V and teal under the lower lash line. Not than you can tell, it all looks a purpley mess to me. Next time I will try with the No7 primer and if I have any luck I will post it. You can see a little creasing already and this has only been on for around 4 and a bit hours, usually with UDPP I get at least 6 hour wear on the creasiest shadows!

This cost me around £4 (half price offer) from the Avon catalogue though I’m not sure if it’s in the most recent one. The whole reason I got this is for the teal and so far it is somewhat of a disappointment though I will try again with different primer. In conclusion, not a repurchase and I’m not sure how much I’m going to use it if it’s this hard to use.

Boo, have you had any more luck with Avon products? Any gems out there I should try?

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