Sunday, 9 January 2011

NOTD - Leopards on acid

Hey guys how has your weekend been? I have had a maxing relaxing one, still doesn't prevent the Monday morning uni dread though :( I have so much to do and it makes me want to hide away and paint my nails all the more!
On Friday night I popped to Superdrug in the Mall as I had seen a GOSH blusher on a blog (can't remember which) that I wanted to have a closer loo
k at. I saw no blushers but did spy the beauty that is GOSH Holographic nail polish with a half price sticker on! Win! As soon as I got in I removed my Models Own Fuzzy Peach (NOTD with comparisons later) and 3 coats later my nails looked amazing. Hmm, I thought, I could go all out and add something crazy. I have had one AWFUL attempt at copying Leanne at Do Not Refreeze's snowflake tutorial and haven't bothered with nail art again. That was to change.......
So this was three coats of Holographic, a few random dots with Barry M's 279 Bright Pink and I used an ageing onitswayout Bourjois Liner Feutre to go around the pink spots in random C-shapes. As the liner is a bit aged now it is not as pigmented as it was and the brush is splaying slightly, if I had used a newer liner it may loo
k neater but I am incredibly cack handed so I can't guarantee that. This manicure suffers from the Monet effect - from far away it looks OK but up close it's a big old mess. A gold star to whoever gets the film..... Observe, much better from a distance..
I am pleased at my first attempt though and I may try again with some more leopardy (it IS a word) colours.

So what do you think? I am considering buying a cheap liner to get a more defined and pigmented line for my next effort, does anyone have any recommendations?
Also I apologise for the abundance of NOTD posts, after not being able to wear nail polish for over 3 months I am on a binge!


  1. love the look! and cant believe it was half price your very lucky i have been going in my Superdrug for months to try and get this beauty :) enjoy! xx

  2. Yes after months of umming and ahhing I finally found it! I can actually say it made my day... How sad!


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