Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Swatches - NYX Round Lipsticks

Hey guys sorry I've been MIA for a few weeks, placement and uni work combined = stressed out Jade! As I've assessed my beauty stash and realised I do have WAAAAY too much stuff (if that is at all possible?!?!) and I'm currently poorer than Tiny Tim, I've decided to use up ten items before I can buy another one. With so many half empty bits and bobs I've already used up three this week but in the mean time I'm going to try and swatch as much of my collection as I can, in the hope of rediscovering some old favourites and making some new ones! So, on with the swatching...
I got these off eBay for a couple of pounds each, there is a ridiculous amount of colours, seriously when I get some money I'm going to get more of these badboys! The wear time isn't amazing and they can be a bit drying but for a quarter of the price of a MAC lippie I feel these things can easily be overlooked. The only thing i would say is that some of the colours can be a little bit frosty which I don't like but with a bit of lipgloss it doesn't show. There are plenty of swatches online so have a good look before you purchase as the swatches on some websites are notoriously bad! Mine are from the seller joy017, all products were received well packaged and around a week from payment, not bad at all! Recommended!

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