Friday, 20 May 2011

NOTD–Gradient mani with InStyle Electro Teal

Just a quickie today guys, if it wasn’t for the gradienty goodness of this one I wouldn’t even bother showing it! Since I’m no longer moving out I’m redecorating my room so my nails took a battering and I forgot to photograph it before they were annihilated.

I got a copy of InStyle, my second ever. Both times have been for the free Nails Inc polishes even though I don’t love them. I was torn between the orange and the teal but I remembered my aunty going through my polishes the other week and telling me off because all I have are oranges. So I got the teal, went home and having only left the house all day to go to Tesco to purchase aforementioned polish, felt adventurous and decided on a gradient mani. I didn’t do it by picking out similar polishes, I just gradually added a white (17’s Mini Skirt).


Unaltered Electro Teal is on my little finger. Again apologies for the state of my nails, if it wasn’t for the fact that I am unlikely to ever be arsed to do this again I would not have bothered posting. You can see the graduation between nails better in some pictures than others, all in all I think it was ok but I would choose a more opaque polish for next time as this was a two-coater so it was a bit of a faff.Oooh an orange gradient! In that case I may try this again…

Electro Teal was free with June’s InStyle which was £3.70.

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