Thursday, 12 May 2011

Beauty UK Goodies

Sooo the other day I showed you this


The NYC thingy is just loose powder, I read a few places that it was quite good and I think it was £3.99 so I figured it was worth a go, my Sleek one is almost gone and the more I use it the more I dislike it. It takes all my strength not to throw it at the wall these days. So today I am going to show you my Beauty UK purchases. I haven’t tried anything from this brand before but they seem to be having an increasing presence on blogs. The counter at my local Superdrug is perpetually ransacked so I rarely see products I recognise, however the other day I went into the city centre where their stand actually contained products! What?! And some were sealed?!?!?! Gasp! The products at the Superdrug by me have always been opened no matter how much tape the staff put on them….

Anway, I came away with two lipsticks, two baked blushers which were on special offer and a lip lust.


On the left is Gossip Girl and the right is In The Buff. Gossip Girl struck me as pretty unique for a high street lipstick, it has an intense blue shimmer through it, love!


The colour is displayed on the end of the lid, a la NYX


In the Buff…


I love this, not too outlandish for days when I want to wear a brighter blush or eyeshadow. It goes on really well and feels comfortable. I wouldn’t guess this was as cheap as it is (£3.49 on the Beauty UK website)

And Gossip Girl


You can see this one went on a bit patchier, though I did just chuck it on. I am sure with a lip brush or something it would go on better. If the light hadn’t of been fading I’d have tried again. It still wears comfortably though. Another thing… these lipsticks both smell minty. It doesn’t hang about but if you are sensitive to smells its something to look out for.


It was two baked products for £6 I think, normally £3.99. I would have tried some eyeshadows but there were none left that caught my eye and I am a blusher fiend these days…..


I was worried these would be chalky but they don’t seem to be. I will have a further play though but so far so good, especially for the money.

Lastly. My only disappointment.


I thought I remembered reading some nice things about the lip lust range on some other blogs so I thought I’d pick one up. They are £2.99. I fell in love with the colour. Alas.


Applied heavily then sheered as it would be worn on the lips. You can see it is so sheer it just looks like shimmer. I know glosses are often more sparse on the pigment front but this one looked amazing in the tube, I feel more than a little gutted that it isn’t as I’d hoped.


This is the only swatch where you can see anything at all, the rest of them just look like shiny lips. Where you can see the pink on my bottom lip? I layered and layered it on to see how opaque I could get it. The answer is not very and this was with a lot of gloss! The pink didn’t even translate to my lips. At least it was only £2.99. I do like the packaging too, the applicator is nice, though the furriness could get ruined.



Also, look at this little bit of ingenious on the back of the blushers


OK so the brush is crap but the important thing is they tried!

All in all, I really like what I have got from this brand. The lip lust was a bit disappointing but I think it is just because I am now used to more pigmented glosses like those from MAC etc? What I have got has definitely made me more likely to get some more stuff, I’m thinking maybe eyeshadows next?

What do you think? Have you tried anything from Beauty UK? Do you have any recommendations? Available from Superdrug and the website.

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