Tuesday, 24 May 2011

NOTD–Bermuda Shorts & Petunia Sparkles

Hola! How are you ladies? Another NOTD I’m afraid, I’m really trying to diversify now I have a bit more time/funds to actually buy stuff but I just love nail polish so much! I have over 100 now…..it makes me feel ill that they just sit in my drawers and I only usually use one at a time. I’m trying to branch out and after acquiring a few Nubar polishes via eBay I thought I’d try a bit of mixing…


This was insanely sparkly in real life, so much so my camera wouldn’t focus properly. It was more magenta than this too….this is two coats of Essie’s Bermuda Shorts topped with two coats of Nubar’s Petunia Sparkle. It was a little gritty so I added Save The Nail’s top coat.


I got Bermuda Shorts when I was in New York last year and it is one of my favourite shades. I’ve worn it a good few times which says something! Again my nails are chipped and ruined, my current job is doing data entry so they get wrecked pretty quickly! I need to learn to take photos as soon as I’m done painting…

A few more pics……


I’m not sure how I feel about this Nubar, it was pretty patchy. I got three of the Sparkle collection which I believe was from last year, are you interested in swatches? I forgot to take any pictures of Bermuda Shorts alone but it was featured over at The Student’s Guide to Nail Polish recently….

In terms of doing a few more posts, do you guys have any suggestions? Or constructive criticism? Much appreciated!

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