Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bargain Beauty–Barry M Lips

Hello ladies, how are you doing? I hope all is well.

My lipstick collection has grown to the point it makes me feel ill sometimes. I feel I need to ‘share them’ in a way to justify spending on them. So I am going to show you a few more from my collection. As a poor student a fair bit of my collection is from the high street so I thought I’d do a little bargain beauty thing. Not on a regular basis or anything, I’m nowhere near organised enough for that!

Starting with one of the best choices for colour in nails, lips and eyes on the high street, Barry M…


This is the amount of Barry M lip products I have, nothing too crazy.


101 – Marshmallow, 53 – Coral, 147 – Peachy Pink, 153 – Pink Ribbon


LE3 – This isn’t on the website, it was on offer in Boots free if you spent £5 on Barry M I think. I wasn’t going to include it but the LE Boots polish is still floating around so I thought this might be too. 5 – Bubblegum

So swatches



And the glosses….


My application is shoddy at best. So, favourites. You can see the formula of the lipsticks varies wildly. 53 and 153 have the best formula, you can see they are waaaay smoother than the other two. 101 is the chalkiest mess ever, I’ve never worn it out of the house. You can see I actually look dead wearing it. Not cool. The Bubblegum gloss is pigmented which is great, but it also goes on streaky so it took a bit of work to make it look as even as it does above. The formulas of some leave a lot to be desired but for under £5 each I think they are good enough, the colour range is fab and they are easily accessible.

Another thing is that the glosses are scented and flavoured, in the case of 5 Bubblegum it is really strong. It is almost enough to bother me as I’m not a fan of bubblegum scent or flavour and I’m not normally bothered. If your sensitive to smells don’t touch these!


I’d recommend swatching thoroughly before buying if you are concerned about getting a dud!

Also, frosty coral lipsticks? Recurring theme on this blog.


Bottom is MAC Costa Chic, top is Barry M 53


L – Costa Chic, R – 53. Phew! Not similar at all, MAC’s is more or a reddy coral which is a total relief! No dupe here guys!

Do you own much Barry M? I have a few of the eye dusts but haven’t used them in ages as the looseness of them results in a dusty apocalypse for mucky pups like me. However I had a go at making my own mixing medium the other day so I might try them foiled and see if I get less all over me and surrounding objects….. I’ll let you know.

Barry M is available from Boots and Superdrug as well as the website where lip paints and glosses are £4.49.

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