Wednesday, 4 May 2011

NOTD–Essie Lapis of Luxury

Hola ladies, how are you all?

I am feeling a teensy bit more like myself now…only in that I am back to painting my nails when they start chipping rather than leaving them until there is barely anything left…..

This is a polish that was out around this time last year. I kind of feel bad about posting things that aren’t current but as I am pretty poor and can’t buy things the minute they come out I don’t have that much choice. Plus, this is an awesome colour I wear pretty regularly and it always cheers me up. It’s still pretty obtainable if you just have a search on this here t’internet.

I use my camera or my phone for photos. Usually a combination as my camera picks up some colours better than my phone and vice versa so I normally end up using a combination that represent the colours best. In this case I wasn’t sure what picked up the colour best so I’m just going to chuck in a load of photos. I picked up NYC’s Expert Lash polish in Lights-Camera-Glitter and put one coat of that on my ring finger.


I then put one coat of OPI’s Absolutely Alice on my other nails….


It looks a bit patchy close up but from a distance this looks pretty cool.

I need to mix up my polishes more!

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