Friday, 6 May 2011

Can’t Live Without…. Night Lip Routine

Herrow ladies how are you? I hope all is well. The summer is getting closer, I actually think I suffer from that seasonal disorder, grey days make me so miserable I need sunshine to keep me going! Not easy when you live in England…

I think I’ve probably said before on here that one thing about blogging and bloggers getting sent products confuses me. People get sent stuff, sing their praises and then you never hear of it again or have any idea whether the product gets used beyond the ‘testing period’. So I am going to try and make a conscious effort to show you the stuff I actually use.

My lips are, for want of another word that would so effortlessly describe them, fooked. As a kid they were constantly scabby, dry and flaky and they regress very quickly if I don’t keep an eye on them. The last few months they have consistently been in the best condition ever and I have this combo to thank..


Johnson’s Moon Care lipbalm and Lush’s Bubblegum lip scrub. I have had the balm for a year or so and the scrub since Christmas, it came in one of the gift boxes I managed to get for half price.

The balm is supposedly like a mask for lips. It is pretty heavy weight but makes my lips feel instantly smooth and the feeling lasts which doesn’t happen with other balms I own. I did use this during the day at one point but if you go to town on the application it can leave a white cast. Avoid.


I know you have probably seen it all before but here is the scrub. It is literally pink sugar that smells and tastes exactly like bubblegum. Not my favourite flavour but it does the job.


I use about that about of balm and not even that much scrub. I do this every night when I am in the process of removing my makeup and my lips stay in pretty good condition all through the next day too. I can definitely tell if I don’t do this at night, a sure sign that it works right?

The lip scrub is £4.75 from Lush and the balm I got from a supermarket, it is around £3. I am coming to the end of my balm and would repurchase except Johnson’s test on animals and I am still trying to avoid this. If you have any recommendations for an intensive lip balm please let me know!!


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