Tuesday, 10 May 2011

If I Buy Another Lipstick In The Next Month You Can Bitchslap Me


In case you hadn’t noticed, I fell off the p10p wagon. Hard. As if four Sleek lipsticks would be enough to satisfy me. And that large kaboom? That’s the sound of my jumping onto several other bandwagons that you will soon see.

What happened? Student loan day happened.


Thump. First bandwagon. This is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish starter kit. This was around £13.45 which I didn’t think was too bad. I love the idea of polishing cleansers but when I tried the No7 one I got dry flaky patches around my nose which hasn’t happened before or since. I am hoping to have better luck with this one, everyone loves it for a reason right? On the right is Bare Minerals Original foundation in Barely Light. I got a little sample of this the other week and I quite like it. I like mineral foundations anyway, they really last on me and if I get a spot or anything I use mineral foundation for a few days and it seems to clear up faster. I used to use Lily Lolo but couldn’t find a great colour match so I’m trying this. It came up at around £20 though it is meant to be more so the lady at the counter said??


I also stopped at the MAC counter and got Studio Moisture Tint in Light and Costa Chic (second bandwagon jumping oning) and Creme Cup which I lost at the wedding : ( stupid cider.

Costa Chic……


I am really not sure what my lip is doing in the top photo but the light was fading so it will have to do.

and Creme Cup…


Creme Cup and Angel are both my go with everything lipsticks and I get compliments on both. I usually have one of them in my handbag along with the other 1756 lip products I feel it is necessary to carry around with me.


I am really pleased with these purchases and although I spent more money that I’d like to, I do feel these will get a lot of use.

I also nipped into Superdrug. I don’t know why I do this but I can’t resist just popping in….


Feck. Another post……


  1. lovely buys :)..haha i had my loan through also and ended up with creme cup ;) x

  2. LOVE the 2nd lipstick...great colour on you x



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