Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Peepers–Topshop Bold Liner

Hello ladies!

For once I’m trying to be on the ball and get this post out while there is a chance these badboys might be on sale in a Topshop near you…


When I first picked these up I was unsure if they were pencil or liquid of the felt tip kind. I was kind of hoping for the latter as I love the look of liquid liner but find it a bugger to apply, it always gets over my eyelashes and is basically a pain in the arse. However these turned out to be the pencil kind…


There were no testers so I just grabbed what was there, at £2 each I wasn’t really that bothered if they turned out to be crap.


I wore Burnish today, my first time wearing brown liner woop!


I wore a little along my lash line and smudged under the outer corner of my lower lash line for a bit of daytime smokiness. you can’t tell that much as this is about 9 hours after application but I am wearing MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, Urban Decay Sin over the lid, Chopper in the crease and Smog at the outer edge, Burnish along the lash line and a combination of Revlon Grow Luscious and 17’s Photo Finish mascaras. It is still (just) visible and I don’t think that is too bad for a hastily applied pencil when I was half awake this morning!

I say for £2 it’s worth snapping these up if you see them. I am unsure of the other colours and as I said there were no testers but for £2….why not?

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