Sunday, 3 July 2011

Acting Up, Drink In My Cup

Wow ladies, it seems I am incapable of having any kind of regular posting…. I’ll try harder next time. I take the pictures, think of something else I need to do/get distracted by food and end up forgetting.

Nevertheless, here are a few of my favourites from the month of June, though I don’t like calling it that as that makes it seem like summertime which bar this weekend it HAS NOT BEEN.


Clockwise from top left – Revlon Grow Luscious mascara, 17 Photo Flawless mascara (the green one), Sigma Synthetic Face Kit (F82, F84, F80), MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Light, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in Light, Jergens Skin Firming moisturiser, ignore the scabby mascara brush, Shills Super Magic BB Cream, Clinique All About Eyes (from Glamour), MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, Tweezerman metal eyelash comb, Topshop blush in Head Over Heels, Benefit High Beam.

These are a few bits that have lived in my makeup bag this month. From finishing placement up north to being too lazy to unpack my stuff to convenience, this is the stuff that I haven’t bothered swapping around.

I have been loving the combination of Grow Luscious followed by a coat of Photo Flawless then combed through with the Tweezerman eyelash comb. This gives me huge volumised lashes! The Grow Luscious is fine for day but I felt it needed a little something extra for night time, added the Photo Flawless as it was the only other mascara I took up north with me and voila! A very happy accident (like me!)

My skin has been looking pretty good lately (thanks Liz Earle!) so I have been almost exclusively using Studio Moisture Tint or Super Magic on days when there has been a bit more sun. I pop a few dots of Head Over Heels on my cheeks and blend with my F84 and if I OD on it I dab my F80 with the residue from my base back over it. Pretty and flushed but not unnatural.

Since I have been single my cider intake has increased about 8 times over. I am no longer a hermit and love my friends for encouraging me down the pub at every opportunity! However the downside of alcomahol is the evil hangover and crappy looking skin the next day. Painterly covers my red eyelids beautifully and I mix a little High Beam in with my base to look a little more perky. Lasting Perfection goes great over All About Eyes and conceals my hideous crackhead undereye circles beautifully so you’d never guess that I was tipsy dancing like a knob until the early hours!

Lastly the Skin Firming moisturiser has been brilliant in the warmer muggy weather. It absorbs really quickly and smells lovely but not offensively strong. It keeps me moisturised but not sticky and I’m definitely going to be picking up another couple of these whilst they are on half price!

Do you agree with any of these products? Or do you have any recommendations for me?

A few other favourites…

Beyonce – I wasn’t at Glasto, for which I am gutted. I watched her set on iPlayer and it was brilliant. I even had a little cry (getting emotional in my old age) but she is fab. Gotta love B.

Cider – I am from the West Country, that’s all there is to it.

The Adam and Joe Show – They are all on 4OD!!!!!! I want to marry them. Both of them.

Maxi Dresses – A total blessing for those lazy/overly hairy/skanky beehatches who can’t be doing with daily shaving.

Mirrored Aviators – I have inherited the nosy bitch gene, though I am nowhere near as bad as my Grandmother. Wearing these allows me to people watch without detection! Win!

Anything to add ladies?!

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