Thursday, 9 June 2011

NOTD/Teal Polish Comparison

Hi ladies! I hope all is well with you, being on placement is hardcore, I’m consistently shattered!

My polish collection is now around 150, pretty out of control. Now if I see anything I want I am really trying to make sure that I don’t have anything similar. I am also trying to make sure that I use all of my polishes, not just the newest ones. So I ended up using OPI’s Yodel Me On My Cell from last years Swiss collection. I got the minis of this along with Lucerne-tainly Look Marvellous that I showed you a few weeks ago and a red one, maybe Color So Hot It Berns? I have only worn this one once before and teal is one of my favourite colours so I thought it was high time I cracked it out again.


This was three coats and it could of even had another one, in some lights I could see visible nail line. Regardless it is a really pretty colour. I feel such a geek having labelled all of my OPI minis but I hate how it doesn’t have the colour on it! I would forget within 4 seconds of purchase what the colour was if I didn’t have it on there somewhere, especially with my Burlesque minis where the shades are all kinda similar.

As this was from last year I’m not sure on it’s availability any more. I thought I’d have a little rummage through my collection and see if I could find something similar.


So you can see I don’t have anything especially close in my collection. Teal Or No Teal and Goddess both required two coats for opacity. Teal Or No Teal is lighter but still shimmery and is a beautiful colour and Goddess is nothing like Yodel Me On My Cell or Teal Or No Teal. It is waaay more greener than either of the other two but I haven’t ever worn it and it’s green, it could fit maybe a little bit…..?

The only thing with the OPI minis is they are actually tiny and even though I have only worn this twice, with it taking three coats I have already made a sizeable dent in the bottle. The same with the Katy Perry minis. Sadface.

I got the OPI from the mini set at Sally’s, Wet n Wild my Gran got for me from her holiday and Accessorize was from Superdrug.

What do you think? Do you have any favourite teals?


  1. Those are cute colors! I have yet to buy any teal shade nail polish.


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  2. whoa i love any teal shade!


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