Friday, 3 June 2011

Small Cherry Culture Haulage….

So when I say I have too many nail polishes and I need to stop spending etc etc etc I’m not joking. I need to save for a holiday amongst other things, off to EuroDisney in August with a little Amsterdam jaunt squidged in hopefully then fingers crossed a girlie holiday in September…..

So I have no idea why I made this small Cherry Culture order the other week other than I have wanted the Milani 3D Holographic polishes for aggggges, actual ages and I finally cracked. The LA Colors set was on sale and I haven’t tried any of their polishes yet, does anyone know where they are available in the UK? If at all? I’ve yet to try these but swatches will be up as soon as I do!


This is the Intense Nail Collection in Explosive. There were a few other ones on the site but the teal and purple stood out to me. I’m a little bit frightened of the orange but I don’t have anything like it so I will see what it looks like on. The Cherry Culture swatches are renowned for being awful and this is no exception, the orange appears as a peachy orange on the site, in real life it is highlighter. This was $3.49.


L-R Cyberspace, Hi-Res and Digital

I would have picked up all of these had funds allowed but instead I got the prettier colours I was more interested in. Again the swatches aren’t amazing but as I have seen a ton of swatches of these hence the lemming, I knew what I was getting. These were $4.99 each.

So far I have worn Cyberspace, it is amazing. I love holos and this is no exception.


The last picture is outside the pub, thats my cider you can see : )

I don’t know how I feel about Cherry Culture’s service, shipping cost about 50 cents less than my total order and it took a week for it to be packed and dispatched, then another week for it to arrive. It was well packed and everything but I have paid a hell of a lot less shipping for a hell or a lot more from other sites before and packing has never been that long. Unless there is a great sale or something I really need, I’m not sure its worth the hassle again.

What do you think? Have you used Cherry Culture before and what was your experience? Can you recommend any other sites?


  1. I'll be waiting for you swatches on the LA Colours set as it looks really cool! May have to order from Cherry Culture...

  2. I haven't used CC before but I do know that you can get LA Colors from Beauty Base in Westfield (not sure if the rest sell them).

  3. Wow! Cyberspace is gorgeous!!

    I have ordered from Cherry Culture a few times. The shipping can be bit exxy and they take a long time to despatch orders, but when they have their sales I find it worthwhile. x

  4. I am going to get on the swatching tomorrow when there should be some sunshine! That's if England wakes up to the fact that it's almost the end of June aka SUMMERTIME! I am hopefully headed to London in the next few weeks and Westfield is definitely high on my list of priorities, I want me some Inglot!


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