Sunday, 5 June 2011

Final US eBay NOTD–China Glaze High Hopes

This is my final polish from the US eBay order I made a few weeks ago. It’s taken me long enough to get these up let alone the 12 or so polish purchases I’ve made in recent weeks! I should be restrained. Though that being said quite a few of the polishes are ones I’ve had my eye on for months at the very least.


Argh it was a pain in the arse to photograph. The photo without flash best represents the shade, the flash makes it look more red than coral. This is one of my favourite polishes, since it arrived a few weeks ago I have had it on either my fingers or toes. It looks bright and summery on my pale casper hands but I think it would also look amazing on darker skin tones. I’m going to (fake) tan the hell out of my pasty self this week and I bet it will look ace on my tanned (clearly orange, they always go orange) feet.

Do you have any other China Glaze recommendations? I know they have a million shades out there but I don’t have the first clue where to look and usually rely on eBay as postage from some of the proper sites is massive in comparison!!!


  1. I reaaallly want this shade but a well known polish eBay seller has stopped selling it! A few other people sell it but for a more expensive price.
    I only have one China Glaze polish and that's For Audrey, which I love!
    I also want to try Four Leaf Clover and Something Sweet x

  2. I also love For Audrey, such a beautiful colour I think it must go with just about any skin tone! I've had my eye on Four Leaf Clover for a while and I've just googled Something Sweet and that looks pretty! Bah adding more to the wish list!


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