Saturday, 25 June 2011

When The Going Gets Tough…

I am 23 years old, soon to be 24. I have been going through some tough times lately and if there is one thing that I have learnt about myself, (other than I am the sane one and everyone else is a knob) it’s that when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. It is called retail therapy for a reason yes?

I have been on my elective placement up north staying in a b&b away from my family, a load of other crap was happening, my rabbit is ill and is having an operation on Monday…..tits up I believe is the phrase. Anyway, I’m back home now and have a summer job to provide me with makeup/holiday monies until I find me a proper job. I wish x-rays were as much fun as lipstick.

Onto the goodies!!


That’s not even all of it. I hasten to add this was over a few weeks and it did help my fedupness even if I haven’t had a chance to play with most of this yet!

The polishes…


L-R Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black, China Glaze Sea Spray, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, OPI Reflecting Pool, Maybelline Deep Violet and Maybelline Flash Cosmic

I also got one of those Nails Inc polishes with 2 Dove deodorants, the coral one in Copacabana I think. However in typical me packing/unpacking style I can’t for the life of me find it. It’s in my room somewhere, exactly where is anyone’s guess.

Other Boots/Superdrug purchases…


Clockwise from bottom L – Collection 2000 Pure Gloss in Sorbet, Bourjois Effet 3D Max lipgloss in 62 Rose Gold, Beauty UK Pearl Eyeliner in Eclipse, Bourjois Delice de Soleil Bronzing Powder in 12 for fair/medium skin, Sleek Aruba Blush, Natural Collection Moisture Shine lipsticks in Rose Petal, Pink Mallow and Apple Blossom, MUA matte eyeshadow in Shade 19, Bourjois Delice de Soleil Bronzing Spray in 12 for medium skin and Collection 2000 Lasting Colour lipsticks in Orange Punch and Sweet Tart.

Phew! Most of this was on special offer so I didn’t pay that much for it, I have yet to use any of this aside from the Bourjois gloss which I cracked open today along with the MUA shadow to do me brows and I’ve swatched (and broken one of) the Natural Collection lipsticks.



Clockwise from bottom L Polish in Melba, Blush in Head Over Heels, Lipstick in Ooh La La, Skin Tint in Fair, Liner in Ravine and Steely, Bold Liner in Graphite and Burnish, Polish in Coral.

Most of this was half price in the sale, only the three items at the back were full price.

I am sure I will cover this in more detail at some point, I was hoping to take some pictures today but the sky has been so disgustingly grey and overcast that photos are looking pretty poor. If you would like a closer look at anything please let me know in the comments! If there is anything I missed out that I find I will add. I do have the Sleek Monaco palette somewhere but everyone and their mother has blogged about that so I didn’t go out of my way to find it.

Onwards and upwards…………


  1. wow all those goodies look amazing! especially the topshop makeup and the opi polishes!

  2. Yay I was so pleased, I haven't tried much Topshop apart from the blushes so I was glad to get these! And the OPI were a great call too, they clearly weren't stored properly as some were a completely different colour to what they are meant to be but I picked the least damaged and they seem fine! LOVE a good shop :) x


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