Saturday, 5 May 2012

Blusher Switch Up 2–Return Of The Rosy Cheeked

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend. Tonight is my first night shift (yikes!) and Sod’s law I woke up at 9am unable to even doze for a few hours. I don’t start work till 6pm, to say I’m not looking forward to it is a gross understatement!
I have carried on with this blusher initiative, the first post about this is here. I did intend to post this weekly but working like a mother and a crazy dash home for my brother’s 21st have got in the way!
As I have been working like a mother there are a motherload of blushers. 6 powder, 6 cream. I’ll post the cream products tomorrow to save this being a horrendously long post!
Nars Deep Throat – What the hell is with that name! Him indoors was gobsmacked when I told him what it was called! Dah well, beautiful colour. One of my faves.
Sleek Pan Tao – Limited edition from last year but I think it resembles Life’s A Peach also by Sleek. I would have done comparison swatches but I left Life’s A Peach at home. Also yes that is my dressing gown/90s Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey top in the background. Weekends are for sleepwear!
Sleek Rose Gold – Found this after what felt like a lifetime of hunting! Maaad pigmented.
Laura Geller Berry – I got this in a QVC kit I ordered over a month ago and this is my first time using it. It’s crazily pigmented. Not normally my kind of colour but it was ok. Maybe it will be a grower not a shower…
Vivo Peaches And Cream – There was a lot of hype about Vivo products on the blogs so I was definitely tempted to try something…not that it takes much. I have only worn this a few times but it was nice and lasted well.
Topshop Pop – Last but not least, a relatively new addition to my collection and I can’t stop wearing it! Hence the need for a blusher rotation initiative. If you see this, swatch and you will love.
L-R Deep Throat, Pan Tao, Rose Gold
Berry, Peaches and Cream, Pop
Hope you like these!
As I mentioned earlier I went home for literally about 24 hours and the first thing I did was…
Speak you tomorrow!

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