Sunday, 6 May 2012

Blusher Switch Up 2–The Cream Side

Oh herrow! I got home from my night shift, slept till 12 and have been (vaguely) awake since!
As promised these are the cream blushes I have worn over the last two weeks…
Ermmm I didn’t take a picture of the outside of these together so here is the collective blusher picture.
Topshop Neon Rose – If you haven’t already checked out Topshop’s makeup I really urge you to especially their lipsticks and blushers. The formulation is great and to use a god awful phrase, they are cheap as chips! As a side note where is David Dickinson these days? His mahogany ass seemed to drop off the face of the earth.
MAC Blushcreme Ladyblush – My first MAC blusher. I love this, it is understated, allowing me to go a little wilder with my lipstick, but still makes me look put together. This is the old formulation, I know they still do a shade called Ladyblush in their new Cremeblend formulation but I’m not sure it’s the same as this one.
Stila Convertible Colour Fuschia – I got this in a blog sale and didn’t wear it for aggges, the colour petrified me. Used lightly this is really pretty and not too mad for work.
NYC Blushable Creme Stick South St Seashell – I got this off eBay ages ago. Again it’s really understated and ideal for when I want to wear a crazier lip colour. I wish these would come to the UK!!
No7 Blossoming Pink – This was limited edition from a few months ago – however I have seen items from this collection fairly recently in some Boots. As soon as I saw this on the blogs I knew I’d have to have it!
Kiko Waterblush Mandarin Fizz – I have no idea if Kiko still make this as my parents got it for me in Rome last year. This is a liquid blush and though it doesn’t seem that pigmented at first it builds up well – it’s easy to go overboard with this
L-R Neon Rose, Ladyblush, Fuschia
South St Seashell, Blossoming Pink, Mandarin Fizz unblended
Mandarin Fizz unblended and blended. And my veiny wrist sorry!
I hope you liked this, I know swatch posts can be a bit crap but if you’ve been on the fence about something or looking for a bit of information I hope I help!
A few snippets from this week…
I have no idea what Fluffer is attempting here. And yes that’s a Daily Mail. I despair of my parents at times.//Mountain Dew White Out from the American food shop. Om nom.//Rolo in a bar!?


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