Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sparkly Nail Lovelies

That post title makes me feel a little like I am a blogger in Father Ted’s lovely girl contest. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I’m not mad. Just disappointed. Which everyone knows is a billion times worse.

So despite not being able to wear nail varnish to work I am still purchasing with a feverish passion. I actually look forward to finishing work on a Friday so I can paint my nails. It used to be so I could sit down on the sofa but our sofa is hideously uncomfortable so it has been relegated to second most-favourite-thing-to-do-on-a-Friday-evening.

Now I have a proper job I can afford all the pretties I wanted when I was working part time and spending all my spare ££ down the pub on Thatcher’s Gold. It was hard to miss the Essie Luxeffects collection on the blogs and my heart leapt when I saw A Cut Above.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I decided I really should get around to purchasing. Locating this on the internet was like extracting blood from a stone but I finally tracked down a seller on Amazon. Too long a wait and one missing parcel later it arrived! Excelsior!


In the meantime I had purchased another pretty. One that looked kind of similar to the much lusted after A Cut Above…
Yes. Another rose gold glitter polish. Revlon’s Sparkling.
So you can see the similarities. They are both rose goldy glitters, pretty much the same shade and with hexagonal glitter along with standard glitter particles.
You can see Essie’s polish has more hexagonal glitter while Revlon’s is more sparse. They are very similar in colour though. This is two coats.
This is the most true to colour I could get
Essie’s is definitely more rosy in colour, the Revlon’s glitter can appear silver in some lights but the overall effect is a similar shade.
Essie’s formula is thicker so it is easier to get more hexagonal glitter on your nail in one swipe but it does mean you can have bald patches in some areas and loads of pooling glitter in others (see my little finger!)

I love the hexagonal glitter and that is primarily what drew me to this polish so I personally prefer the Essie but the Revlon can be built up so a similar effect and it is still a gorgeous shade, not to mention more accessible! It’s maybe not a total dupe but a good very similar alternative.

The Essie polish cost me around £8 excluding postage from an Amazon seller. I will not link to them however as I was not 100% happy with their service. Revlon polishes retail for around £6.50 or so and are available in Boots, Superdrug and other usual suspects.

What do you think? I love me a good dupe, I’m going to paw through my lipstick collection and try and find some too!

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  1. oooh lovely sparkles, would look great over anything, x


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