Thursday, 4 August 2011

Vs: Night Time Hair Care

Bonjourno! I hope this finds you well!

Just a little un today for a change! I have said before how I am trying to make an effort with my hair. Until a few months ago it was such a birds nest I didn’t really brush it. It was just too much effort. However since the purchase of the Tangle Teezer etc it is behaving much better!

I wear cream on my face while I’m asleep, why not try something on my hair to maintain it? I have had the Umberto Giannini product for a few months and the L’Oreal a few weeks. I have been using them alternately and here are my thoughts…




Essentially they both claim the same thing, healthy looking shiny hair with a lightweight formula that won’t need rinsing and won’t stain your pillow.



On the left is Umberto Giannini, right is L’Oreal.

You can see the L’Oreal formula looks more fluid and lightweight, the UG one is more of a heavy cream. I use one pump of the L’Oreal which is a little more than the amount there, more than enough to cover the ends of my hair. I try to use the same amount of the UG but as it is in a tube the amount is much more difficult to control. As it is more stodgy it is also harder to distribute evenly through my hair.

The UG balm feels heavier on my hair and takes longer to ‘dry’….it kind of sets more than dries actually. It’s hard to describe, if I touch my hair I get residue even if it’s not a actual tangible amount my hands feel like they have stuff on them. Does that make sense? The L’Oreal one does dry pretty quickly and leaves my hair feeling soft like it is actually conditioning it, as opposed to coating it.

As for pillow residue and a no rinse formula? You know what I’m going to say. I feel like I have to have a towel over my pillow with the UG one and it does nothing for the condition of my hair. I have experimented with amounts but it rarely feels any different. I would not feel comfortable going out the next day without washing my hair. On the other hand the L’Oreal just sinks in leaving no residue, just silky smooth ends.

No contest. L’Oreal wins. The UG one is £5.61 from Boots, the L’Oreal one was around the same price when I had my eye on it a few months ago but my Mum got it for me for under £4 on one of those clearance shelves they have at the end of aisles sometimes. I guess this means it might be being discontinued so if you see it and fancy trying, snag it!

I really like L’Oreal’s Elvive range, I really wish they weren’t such massive animal testers. Sort it out!

What do you think? Have you ever used anything like this? I need recommendations! I am almost out of my Elvive Full Restore 5 spray thing as well, it’s kind of like a leave-in conditioner. I love it, it has without a doubt improved the condition of my hair but I hesitate to repurchase because of the animal testing. Any alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

xoxo (I feel like Gossip Girl)

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