Tuesday, 9 August 2011

August FML

First things first.

Loads of crap has been going on in England the last few days and it’s pretty frightening. I am going to say no more but its horrifying that people thing it’s acceptable to act the way they have been. I don’t follow any religion or anything. I live by one code.




I think more people should.

Onto other less pressing matters. Look what I found!


It does look cheap as hell but it’s cute! I got it from a charity shop, I was a tiny bit worried I’d find some old lady knickers inside but someone had done a through job cleaning it out! No hidden knick knacks to be found.


Love the detail! This one is coming on holiday fo sho!


Best bit haha! I’ve never really scoured the charity shops in my local town before but defo will check it out more now! I thought I’d be full of dead ladies M&S belongings……

Loving the things I got the other day! Here is a photo of my wearing a few of my new goodies…


It looks a bit off as I had to crop my friend out and I was already a bit tiddly, good old Natch!

I was wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix, Topshop Neon Rose blush with Nars Deep Throat on top, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, St Tropez Illuminator and Nars Laguna. I’m wearing Nars Dogon on my eyes with a bit of Urban Decay liner and Prestige My Biggest Lashes mascara.

It was my friend’s dad’s 60th with a marquee in his huge garden and fireworks and LOTS of cider! Ended with me trying pistachios for the first time (I know) NOMNOMNOMNOM. All in all good weekend.

Another good thing of this week is something that has been pretty awesome for a good few years now.



The Wire, if you didn’t know already, is ace. I’ve watched it all before but pretty sporadically (Clueless expanding my vocabulary) and my brother got me all 5 series on DVD for Christmas. This is my first chance to actually plough through and watch them one after another. That is Omar Little and he is one of my faves. If you get a chance, watch it. And it might seem a little boring and slow going but persevere, it’s epic!

The last point of this random ramble…I’m trying to watch more films. I like them and after years of falling asleep halfway through I can now just about stay conscious for 90 minutes so I figured I should make use of this ‘talent’. My ex was a film lover and I feel kinda out of the loop now, can any of you help a brother out with some suggestions please? Doesn’t have to be new, just good. I’m willing to watch almost anything….

Wow well done if you’ve made it…. hope your having good weeks! xo


  1. I haven't tried Prestige mascaras before - Must do at some point! :)
    Ps. I really like Save the Nail so far! It's slightly cheaper than the Nails Inc ones but the quality is, dare I say, better! Xx

  2. those are good words to live by: everybody love everybody. :)

    p.s. that bag is such a great find!

    <3, Mimi

  3. @ Shortiee31 - Prestige mascara's - or the one's I've tried at least - are the BOMB! My Biggest Lashes is my fave!

    @ Mimi - Yes, I think that mantra applies to everyone! I just wish more people would consider the consequences before they ace :( and the bag is definitely coming with me on holiday!


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