Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Things I Can’t Live Without: Zwei

Gutentag! I trust you ladies have had a good start to the week? Here it is nothing but work, work, work! However the light at the end of the tunnel is my family holiday in 2 and a half weeks to Paris/Holland including a day in EURODISNEY woop! I LOVE Disneyland. I don’t care if I’m 23, I watched Disney films growing up, know the words to what is probably too many Disney songs and can kick anyone’s ass at Disney Trivia. Apart from my brother but only when I’m having a mare of a game. It’s not even the films and characters, the rides themselves are ace! I defy you to find a ride at Alton Towers that will shit (pardon my French) you up as much as Tower of Terror. Cannot be done.

Upcoming travels aside, I thought today I’d talk about something that has been an absolute lifesaver in recent months. I lie, it doesn’t literally save lives but it does make mine a lot easier.


I know I bitch about it a lot on here but placements during my course make my life mental. Not least because as well as working full time hours, often with a long commute, and having uni work on top is exhausting. You also have to be interested, know what is going on and be able to answer questions at the drop of a hat. Try staying alert and keen for an entire day at work, seriously, it’s horrible. I can barely stay conscious on a normal day let alone interested in whats going on around me. On top of all that, the mad patients, the angry patients, the upset patients, all the hard work and loving care I have put into my nails goes tits up. I’m a biter when stressed as it is, factor in hardcore hand washing and alcohol gel and you’ve got a dry, scaly splitty mess. Once one of my nails split about two thirds of the way down towards my nail bed sideways. It caught on everything and I had to cut/bite my nail down all that way. Needless to say it bled a fair bit and cained like a mofo. then the next week the exact same thing happened to my other thumbnail. I would have bitten both thumbs off, if it wasn’t likely that it would hurt more.

Back to the OPI Nail Envy. I won this in a giveaway at the end of last year/start of this year and have used it as a base coat for almost every manicure since. It is the only base coat that has ever made a noticeable difference in my nails themselves as well as the wear of polish. Whereas before my nails were splitting, parched and breaking at the drop of a hat, nowadays they are strong and resilient. They are long! For me at least, long nails was never an option before as no matter how hard I tried to behave and not use my nails to do silly things one would break doing the stupidest task and I’d have to file them all down. No longer the case! In fact if they do break it is usually a tiny chip which can be filed away easily losing minimal length. Win!

On the box, which I have helpfully thrown away despite being a packaging fiend, it says to use this as a strengthening treatment, layering on one coat a day until the end of the week when you remove it and start again. I haven’t ever done this, just using it as a base coat and still find it makes a great change in a matter of weeks though I guess this would depend on the rate your nails grow.

I know this is a great big gushing rant but a picture tells a thousand words


Definite repurchase.

I know there are probably better base coats out there nail application wise but this is fast drying, easy to apply thanks to the pro-wide brush or whatever it is, and does what it says. If it can heal my fugly nails lord knows what this stuff is capable of.

OPI Original Nail Envy is £18.55 from Lena White. Truth be told, I was considering this before I won it and baulking at the price. Now I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase.

If you have got this far, congratulations! I now have two small favours to ask of you. I am hoping to go on holiday with a few friends in early-mid September. Somewhere beachy but where we can also party. It is my first holiday with friends since the end of GCSE’s and after 4 years of living in a cave I want to go somewhere I can let my hair down! Do you guys have any suggestions? Cheap as possible!

In preparation for the aforementioned holiday (the Paris/Holland one doesn’t matter so much as I will rarely be in a bikini I’m sure! Minnie doesn’t want to see that!) I have started trying to lose a bit of weight. I have no idea what calories are in things and how much I burn exercising so to help I’ve signed up to My Fitness Pal to help my keep an eye on things. If you are on it then find me, my username is jadeylou15. Hopefully the peer pressure of people seeing how much of my diet is potato will put a stop to it!

Hope you are all having good weeks, I hate that it is August already and the amount of sun we have had this year adds up to about 3 weeks total! Sadfaces all round! xo

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