Friday, 5 August 2011


I don’t know what ballin or balling means. I have Destiny’s Child Greatest Hits CD in my car and balling is just about every other word on that album. From what I can gather it is something to do with money….. I feel so down with the kids. Like Baaaddad from Adam & Joe…..anyone? If any of you can explain balling to me in 60 words or less I’d appreciate it : )

Anyway onto more pressing matters. The today I finished work early and went to meet my mum in town for a bit of late afternoon shoppage. Luckily she had to stay at work a bit longer so I had a while to peruse the shops by myself. She gets pissed off if I buy more makeup y’see. Not that her disapproval stops me.


This picture really makes the bag seem bigger than it is. I was thinking at work about what I would like to buy, I need clothes including a maxi skirt (love having cool legs when it’s hot without having to shave/fake tan!) and I have been admiring the Clarins summer bronzer, the mosaic one. But if I’m thinking about that, why not Dior Aurora? I think watching Wayne’s World the other day brought Aurora back into my subconscious. In fact, this is what happened…


Dogon duo eyeshadow and Laguna bronzer. The gent at SpaceNK in Harvey Nichols was great. In fact, two of the three nice people I have encountered in that beauty department have been on the SpaceNK bit. One of the ladies on Shu Uemura was the rudest I’ve ever come across but that’s another tale.

Textbook shit photo:


A trip to Bristol isn’t complete without a minor scavenge in either Boots or Superdrug


Famous bronzer in Bali (half price!) and 3 more pout paints. I know. The more swatches I see the more I want them alllllll muaha. I now have added Peachy Keen, Minx and Rosette to my collection. Woo and yay indeed.


My mad photography skillz boggle the mind.

High point of the day – a (probably) mentally unstable man telling me I had a pretty dress on. Plus the nice man in SpaceNK and purchasing. One of my true loves.

What do you think guys?

Also I have a birthday coming up in around 6 weeks, do you have any suggestions for upcoming things I might like but not be able to afford?

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