Monday, 1 November 2010

October Empties!!

As I said in my previous post I'm trying to use up some stuff. While I am realising how much crap I have that I never want to use, I am also realising that I have products I used for a few days before buying something else, so it is taking longer to use things than I first thought! I have these three products, all finished in the last two and a half to three weeks....
First things first, I have no idea why the picture is sideways. I edited it using some free photo editing software to crop it and watermark it, didn't even rotate it from its original and this is how it turns out. I have spent the last half hour faffing trying to sort it but if blogger wants to be a bell than so be it : ).
L'Oreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover was £2 I think on offer in Tesco, I LOVE this! It is one of the only not ridiculously expensive removers I've used that doesn't have an oily residue. However, because of this the cotton pad does need a good soak so I do get through it. But still, thumbs up!
Nivea Oil Free Moisturising Fluid was an inexpensive purchase from Boots, I think around the £3-4 mark? This is what I have used since I halted the awful Clinique 3-step which was around a year ago! I would have repurchased if it contained an SPF, at the time I wasn't that bothered as my foundation usually had it but as I'm getting older (I'm only 23 but wrinkles still scare me!) I decided I would prefer one with an SPF. If you have oily/combination skin and want something light, non-clogging and get your SPF from elsewhere, give it a go! This is in half because I love it so much I wanted to use every last drop! And chucked the other half away before I took a picture.
Burts Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion was a sample from Christmas I think, and since I have a load of body lotions still left from then I thought I'd better get cracking and use this. It does an alright job of moisturising, absorbs quickly, in fact the only thing I didn't like is the smell. I usually don't mind milk and honey fragrances, although they are not my favourite, but this was very strong and lingered which I wasn't so keen on. If you love scents like this then go for it, if not then I would give it a miss.

I am well on my way to finishing another few makeup products and I will try and get some more reviews and swatches done, as well as an ace idea for a EOTN...stay tuned!


  1. I used to love that Nivea moisturiser until Boots stopped having it in stock for a while, every time I went, it wasn't there.

    So I moved on, I got their own brand moisturiser which was nice..they stopped making it. Then I got their Skin Clear one which is a mattifying lotion and that works briliantly, even better than the Nivea one and is cheaper.

    Try it out :)

  2. Yes I definitely will thanks! I hate it when great products get discontinud with no replacement! I have no idea what I'm going to do when my Soap & Glory Clean Mary cleanser runs out. I'll be mourning for months :(


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