Monday, 4 October 2010

Random buy - China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada

This was a part of my last few weeks mega purchasing spree. There is no other way to describe it, it has been a spree. It is by far the randomest makeup purchase I have ever made. Neon green nail varnish? Green is my favourite colour but still...this is a stretch. At least it was only a pound. And it may (read: definitely will not) look good on toes in the summer time. Anyways, swatches.
Application is that of a typical neon, this is it after two not stingy coats. It has a matte finish, which isn't something I'm keen on in the majority of shades. I only painted two nails as I had to take it off straight after and couldn't be bothered to paint my whole hand in case it stained. The brush is just standard, none of the OPI/Rimmel wide brush stuff, which I don't mind, in fact I often make more of a mess wielding a wide brush.
It took four coats for me to make this opaque, I can usually understand as I tend to do thin coats as I smudge my nails SO easily you wouldn't believe. But as I wasn't going to keep this on I didn't hesitate in layering it on and it still took four coats! It may be a six coater if you do it thinly and don't like seeing a visible nail line!
I got this from Sally's in Hull for £1, to be honest if it hadn't of been that cheap and green wasn't my favourite colour I probably wouldn't of bothered. I think this was from the summer Poolside collection and there were plenty more cute shades that I would be more likely to wear but unfortunately as long as China Glaze costs £6+ in this country I'll continue buying from eBay, buying colours I'm more likely to wear :)

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