Tuesday, 5 October 2010

MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner - Signature Blue

Despite my recent MAC hoardings (whoring?!) I managed to restrain myself and only purchased one item from the Fabulous Felines collection - this beautiful badboy
Ladies, this is MAC's Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in Signature Blue, part of the Palace Pedigreed Fabulous Felines collection. And I am in love with it.
I haven't had a lot of experience with liquid liners such as this, I have a few coloured ones by Wet N Wild and No7 but I don't use them regularly as I have a tendency to get it EVERYWHERE, in my eyelashes and all over my face. Which makes my lashes go all spiky and then I can't put on mascara, basically it makes it a big old hassle. But right now I'm going through a navy blue shimmery shadow kind of thing, I have been trying to restrain but this was beckoning me. I tried to ignore it but by the time I reached the MAC counter for a concealer after a bad day at work, this and Creme Cup were in my excited little hands!
Instead of a brush it has a sponge tip which I do find easier to work with. It isn't too soft and maintains a degree of stability which makes it much easier for a plonker like me to apply and it makes it easier to build it up from a thin line to a strong effect.
Swatches are with no flash and with flash, click to enlarge and see the beautiful sparkles! They are probably best demonstrated on the brush, SO pretty! I have green eyes and I don't think that blue is supposed to particularly go with them but I don't care!
I have worn this out on a few occasions and it wears beautifully, it didn't fade (although I did wear it over UDPP) and didn't flake, just stayed awesome!
I only had one issue and it wasn't one I noticed at first. The first time I wore this I build up the liner to a stronger winged look. A few days later I tried i
t again and noticed that it can be patchy, so just a word of warning, it may take a few swipes to get the full effect of the sparkling opaque colour!
Overall though I love this and I am so glad I bought it, I don't think I've seen any product recently like this, though I am talking drugstore, I don't regularly shop at the high end counters. If I ever run out, and it wasn't limited edition, I'd definitely buy again!
Signature blue is £14.50 and is available from MAC counters and the website. I can only apologise for the shoddy camera pictures and the shoddy state of my eyebrows but I just wanted to show you the sparkles! I am yet to do a really dramatic eye with this but I will be soon!

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