Saturday, 14 April 2012


One of the reasons I have been absent these past few weeks, apart from work and the fact that I am up there with world class procrastinators, is that I went away on holiday.

After last summers Paris/Eindhoven trip I swore never to go on a family holiday again. However I am getting more sentimental in my old age and ended up agreeing to go away with my 80 year old Grandad along with my uncle, dad, brother and sister to Northern Ireland where my Grandad is from.

I didn’t know what to expect aside from several new grey hairs and perhaps an early aneurysm (you haven’t met my Grandad) but it was great, aside from torrential rain and hail on a few days.

Beautiful scenery, the family I met are amazing and though it wasn’t relaxing as such, it was a great experience.

A few pictures…



Yes I crossed that rope bridge…luckily emerged pants unscathed.



This made me laugh, what is that kid doing with that can of Pepsi?! And since when has the term ‘snigger’ been used outside of the Beano?!








Bah coastal scene spam! I took so many pictures this is just a quick selection, I would have taken more if we could stop every six seconds on the Causeway Coastal route, SUCH a beautiful drive.

Conclusion: All about the staycation this year!

Has anyone got any recommendations for more UK destinations? Boyf and I are hoping to go somewhere pimping next year so are looking for places closer to home this year. I keep pushing the Dam for a little Euro-weekend but chances are I’ll spend our hard earned ££ on ladies.(JOKE)

Have you ever been to NI? I’m definitely going again next year!

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