Sunday, 31 July 2011


Arf is a noise I make when I am depressed or indifferent about something. It started when my mum was asking me what noise sea lions make which arose because Aldi’s fake Penguin bars are called sea lions or seals or something, and right now arf is my life. That being said, there are a few things to keep me going…..


After a horrible break up you really do know who your friends are. I feel so lucky that after not seeing them so much due to travelling back and forth between Bristol and Yorkshire for four years they still want to see me and listen to my crap and inane witterings. They also do amazing things like take me to see Goldie Lookin Chain in Monmouth…..





Cider goes hand in hand with friends really….. Stowford Press is my weapon of choice, Thatchers Gold a close second. As long as I’m enjoying it with the right people though, I’m not fussed.



There are loads of these dotted around Bristol in honour of Bristol Zoo’s 175th birthday. They are all decorated differently and some look AMAZING! I love gorilla spotting whenever I am in town. This one is outside the Victoria Rooms and is called Banana Shirt I think. You can’t manhandle them or anything so I had to get as close as I could without having a piggyback…. I was lucky enough to go to the Zoo’s garden party to celebrate their birthday as a family member works there, it was a great evening with gorgeous weather and free Rubicon…what’s not to like!


I’m sure I’ve professed my love for Prarie Dogs before, they are hilarious! The little noise they make when they jump makes me melt inside!

I do have a picture of me with a man dressed up as a lemur, another of my favourite animals. I am gurning worse than usual in it though and while normally embarrassing photos don’t bother me, this is truly appalling so I’ve chickened out. To find out more about the gorillas look here.

New Goodies

Anyone that says shopping isn’t therapeutic is a liar. Fact.


Sleek’s Pout Paint’s in Milkshake and Pinktini – yay! MUA’s Heaven and Earth palette – I caved. And I can’t find my Naked palette. How the eff do you lose a palette? And one that big?! Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer – a repurchase. I was going to get GOSH’s liquid one after seeing a good review over at Makeup Savvy but they only had the tester left boo! This is great though, I was just getting itchy feet.


I have a poor success rate with TK Maxx finds but I nip in there every so often on the off chance hoping for some Nars action. No suck luck. I did spy these goodies with a pretty hefty discount. I’ve had my eye on some he-shi stuff for a few years now since an Irish girl on my course told me she used it. The gradual tanner, face tanner, Eco Tan and Eco Tan scrub cost £19 altogether, not bad hey?


I went to a local salon to get my eyebrows done (must do some EOTD’s while they aren’t a straggly mess!) and they were having 50% off selected Guerlain. I’ve never tried anything before and a quick makeupalley search showed all of the Meteorites range scoring quite highly so I figured why not! This is 02 Teint Beige I think.

And last but not least in the words of Charlie Sheen…


I won the lovely Claire at Clairabelle0306’s giveaway! Literally the second time I have won anything that wasn’t in the tombola at a brownie fair in my whole 23 years of existence! The prize was a MAC lipstick and eyeshadow of your choice, generous enough already, but Claire threw in a load of extras too!


There was the cutest handwritten postcard, a hair mask, Clinique pore minimising serum that I used to use and LOVE, a mini MAC Fix+ that I’m excited to try and 2 polishes, Hard Candy’s Sky and OPI Whats With The Cattitude? which are my kind of thing! All this along with my chosen lippie, Lustering, and eyeshadow, All That Glitters. Thank you so much Claire! I love everything! If you aren’t already you should get following, her recent trip to America has inspired many a transatlantic lemming!

That was the ups, this is the down….

Being Rabbitless

You’ve seen pictures of my fluffer Vinnie on here before. He was poorly with his teeth and after a second dental in three weeks the vet called when I was at work to say that she thought he wouldn’t really benefit from it and she thought he should be put to sleep. It was heartbreaking because, though he is a rabbit, I loved him so much. He lived in the house and went wherever he pleased and I was most definitely his Mum. He was in a lot of pain though and completely not himself the weekend before the procedure so I know it was the right thing to do. RIP Vincent Emilio


This is him on the sofa with me watching Beyonce at Glastonbury. He was a fan of her, not so much me singing or dancing to her music, he didn’t really appreciate my musical/dancing talent.

Ha, a lot of ups to one down. It’s been difficult adjusting to being home full time again and not having somewhere to retreat to when I needed to get away. Vin was always there to lend a sympathetic ear, hell, he had enough of them, and it’s weird looking under the bed and not finding him.

Onwards and upwards hey…

If you want to see more of my bizzles, swatches and the like, let me know. I would of done them today but the house is overlooked and lacking light as it is let alone when the sun is deciding to set. Until next time xo

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  1. Awww I'm sorry about your rabbit, losing a pet is always hard <3 <3 At lease he's no longer in pain.

    I am glad you liked your prize :-)

    I must get my hands on that MUA palette , my palettes go walk about all the time lol.


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