Monday, 25 July 2011

Naily Goodness–Beauty UK Urban Girl Collection

Bah long time no speak. Life just gets in the way…..

This is a quick post about something I purchased a month or so ago, maybe longer, my first foray into Beauty UK nail varnishes. I see a few of these on other blogs and had my eye on the Peach Melba shade after not being able to find the Barry M equivalent and everyone saying how streaky it was. The single polishes are £2.49 so when I saw a set of 6 for £4.99 with what looked like Peach Melba in it, I grabbed it and ran. To the till you understand, I’m no tealeaf.


The set is called Urban Girl. All of the polishes are 8ml and there are some pretty pastelly shades, love! The only thing is, there are no shade names on the box or on the bottles themselves so all I can do is compare the shades to the website so they might not actually be correct. This was showing on the website a few weeks ago, it’s not there now but this was still in my local Superdrug the other day.


I don’t know why the shade that may or may not be ‘Peach Melba’ is not in the picture. As far as I can see from the Beauty UK website these shades may be L-R ?White or ?Frozen Kingdom. The second one could be Smokey Lilac, third could be Blue Moon, fourth Jade (yay!) and fifth Slate. As I said this is not definite and it is incredibly annoying that they aren’t labelled!

Ranty rant rant aside, swatches.

BUKLilac BUKLilac1

‘Smokey Lilac’


‘Blue Moon’






‘Peach Melba’

Best for last I say. These were all three coats and didn’t wear particularly well, 2 days maximum and by then it would look a little shabby. For that reason I didn’t try the white, it’s not my colour anyway and I really couldn’t be arsed with the streaky application hassle. I really like some of them, particularly ‘Peach Melba’, ‘Jade’ and ‘Blue Moon’ which look great with a tan.

If you spy these in your local Superdrug and are a sucker for muted shades like me then go for it. £4.99 is good for the amount you get if you have the time and inclination to do three coats.

What do you think? Do you love shades like this too?

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