Tuesday, 5 July 2011

NOTD Catch Up

Arf I was going to use a title from the song I am currently listening to, but that is Lily Allen’s Not Fair. If you have heard this you would no that almost no lyrics are appropriate. On the other hand this song really makes me want to go to a barn dance….

So since I finished placement I have been applying the polish and ever taking pictures but writing about it has failed me. I would just do these separate but that would take actual years so here is one bundle of naily goodness.


17’s Supreme Shine in Twilight Teaser. What a mess, the brush was fine but this was about 4 or 5 coats and it chipped after a day. Fail. Total granny colour on me too.


Bourjois’ So Laque! in Bleu Asphalte. I love this, a bit dark for summer maybe though I usually don’t care about things like that. This was two coats and it didn’t have 7 day wear on me but the colour is pretty enough to forgo it.


Wet n Wild Fast Dry in Hannah Pinktana. This was one of the polishes my Gran brought back from San Francisco and is when I saw this I actually squealed. I had suggested a few colours to her but just said to her to get pretty ones and I hadn’t suggested this. This is three coats, there is still a bit of visible nail but when it’s this beautiful who cares.


Milani’s 3D Holographic in Digital. One of my Cherry Culture haul, LOVE!


This is the Nails Inc/Dove freebie from Boots, Copacabana. I wasn’t that keen on the other offering. This was photographing quite red for me but I think I will do a comparison with Nails Inc’s collaboration with InStyle I think last year, Beach, which I think is pretty similar to this. Two coats and it is a very nice colour.

In other news…


You know when something changes and you feel you need to change too, like start afresh? Before I have changed my hair or something, at the moment I quite like my hair so I got something pierced. If I had more money I would have got a tattoo, as it was I got this done. When it heals I am going to get another one closer to my head right in the corner a la drummer from Korn in the reeeallly hot Levi ad from a few years ago.

Also my house rabbit Vinnie has been really poorly. Whilst I was away he was dribbling a lot which happened last year due to an abscess in his mouth. This time it was his teeth growing funny (ouch!) so he had to have a little operation to file them down. He also had a little eye infection so they flushed his tear ducts and clipped his claws whilst he was under as he doesn’t let me do it for him anymore. Long story short when he got home he was in a VERY bad mood as well as being dopey and confused but he seems better now.


Here he is the other day. He’s trying to clean his ear but it doesn’t quite reach his mouth most of the time and his fur looks a bit manky because he is moulting EFFING EVERYWHERE! But he is a happier bunny than on Monday.

So what do you think to the polishes? And my adorable bunny? Yes that washing basket is leaning a la Tower of Pisa. Yes that is because he has eaten some of it.


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