Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lack of willpower....

The other day I went into Boots with the fully intending to purchase one item, a mascara and a mascara only. And perhaps some of those ponytail bands without metal in them if they weren't a ripoff. This is the result.....

Guys, meet Blue Moon and Mystic Mauve. These two babies are Models Own shimmer polishes, available for £5 each at Boots and the Models Own website. If you follow Models Own on Facebook you may have noticed Mystic Mauve was mentioned in one of their posts earlier this week (or maybe it was last week, my short term memory is shocking!) and when I saw it I fell a little bit in love. I know this isn't the greatest picture, my camera isn't that great and even in the daytime my house is pretty dark but can you see how foily these polishes look? Sehr beautiful, and this is sans topcoat! Add a shiny topcoat and the both the colour and the shimmers are multiplied by about a million!! These are pretty full on, definitely not for work but soooo pretty and ideal for a night out or if you can get away with it at work. As far as wear goes, I can't really comment. As I can't wear polish whilst on placement I painted my nails on Friday evening using Nails Inc A&E basecoat and Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat and I had no issues until I had to remove it on Sunday night..... If you spend over £10 Models Own in Boots at the moment you get a free lipgloss.
I chose Tangerine, a bright coral colour. It reminds me of the coral Nails Inc/InStyle polish from earlier this year. This is pretty pigmented for a gloss and is very shiny. Again I'm not really sure how long this lasts as the colour does not suit me AT ALL so when I applied it I had to remove a little and smudge it in a bit so I was probably wearing less than you would normally wear. This retails for £5.
Verdict - I now have a few Models Own polishes along with a few other bits and bobs and I'm pretty happy with them. Although I have a few colours that I wouldn't usually wear (Neon Pink Face Paint comes to mind...) they are really pigmented and long-lasting. Worth a look at the very least, there are loads of colours to choose from, your bound to find something you love!

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