Tuesday, 21 September 2010


OOOKKKKK.....So I haven't wrote in ages, I started back at uni and am currently on placement so was going to pack it in, but honestly I can't just do placement and my course for the next 9 months until I finish, I'll go mad! Especially with dissertation thrown in :( so from now I'm going to pull my finger out!
So the other day I had a (very small) clear out of one of my drawers and decided there was a few bits I could live without.....

Garnier Nutritionist Regenerating Eye Cream
Where to start..... This eye cream did nothing for me. I use an eye cream because although my skin is usually oily/normal combination, I can get dry patches under my eyes and on my cheeks if I don't keep these areas moisturised. So I was at my boyfriends, forgot my regular eye cream and got this as it was 50% off or something in Superdrug, I'm just glad I didn't pay full price for it. It did little to moisturise my undereye area and required a lot of product to make the area feel comfortable. I have used about half of the tube but with so many eye creams that are (in my opinion) better and cheaper, this one is chucked.

Mellor & Russell Eye Revival Roll On
So this looks pretty similar to the Garnier eye roll on serum and I got it in Tesco for under 3 quid on offer. I figured, in my seemingly never ending quest to find the ultimate eye cream, that it was worth a bash. My first thoughts were that it took a while to dry making it unsuitable for use in the mornings when I need to get up and go, and that for a serum it didn't feel that moisturising to me. However my experiences with this product were cut short when I tried to use it one evening, nothing would come out. So I shook it and tried again. Nada. Third time lucky? No, third time showered my room, and me, in serum. Bin.

Clinique 3 Step System
Pssssh. I truly feel I was mis-sold this entire shebang. Even if this wasn't the case, I don't like it. I was having trouble with my skin being a little spotty and temperamental and on a whim in Boots allowed myself to have one of those skin consultations at the Clinique counter. I was told I have skin that should fit into system number 1, for very dry to dry skin. My skin usually is normal/oily combination, there are dry patches in the deepest darkest depths of winter but very small. However, against my better judgement I placed myself in the hands of those who know best. Supposedly. The Facial Soap stripped my skin leaving it feel dry and tight, moreso than I have ever felt with any other cleanser. The toner did nothing to soothe this and finally the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion was waaaay too heavy for my skin, leaving it feel hideously greasy and making my makeup slide right off, even if it did stop the tightness caused by the cleanser. This went on for months while I stuck to it determined it would help my skin eventually, until I decided enough was enough and swapped to a oil-free lighter moisturiser. The greasy patches under my makeup disappeared and my spots started to vanish until I gradually replaced all of it with MUCH better products for my skin, and it has never looked better!
Have you tried any of these products? What were your experiences? It'd be interesting to see how you feel about them...

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