Sunday, 9 September 2012

Top Fave… Lip Combo

Hello ladies! How is your Sunday going? I hope your making the most of the sunshine!
I worked a night shift last night and unfortunately my body has decided that 4 and a half hours sleep is the new 8 hours. This means my Sunday will be spent in my dressing gown on the sofa watching the F1 eating Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper Tyrrells…not that I’m complaining!

As I’m sure you are very aware by now, I am a total lipstick fiend! I have so many I don’t want to count. The idea of how much £ they have cost me makes me feel a little ill. Which is why I’m so overjoyed to be entertaining the idea of finishing one!

MAC’s Angel has been a consistent fave for a long long while, it’s so easy to slap on and go without worrying too much about my lip line (ain’t nobody got time to apply lip liner EVERY time!) and it wears fairly well, two hours or so on me. It’s a frost formulation which sounds like a horrific 90’s throwback but it’s not noticeable. Thank god.
My tube of Angel is now a shadow of it’s former self so it’s high time for the final push to use it up so it can go to lipstick heaven. I’ve been wearing it with a dab of Clinique’s Long Last Glosswear in Air Kiss, a sample from Glamour magazine at some point.

Fave Lip Combo
This is just an easy to wear lip that goes with everything. I don’t like to pile on the makeup for work because barely anyone wears any but this makes me feel ‘done’ without feeling like a overdone tramp. Bonus!
Once my husk of a stump of Angel has depleted I will try Air Kiss with MAC’s Creme Cup, a similar shade that I also love!
Are you a fan of Angel? Or Ange in my case as the label has worn…

One last thing…
Bought some new Havaianas after having my old ones for 6 years…GRIM!


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