Friday, 14 September 2012

NOTD–Green Nail Comparisons

It is well documented that as well as being a lipstick fiend, there is more than enough space for ample amounts of nail polish too.
It can’t be just me that despite owning more than I wish to count I end up with several variations of a shade. Lets just say I definitely have a type (or ten).

So after the post about NYC’s Mint Macaroon I was tidying around one day and noticed I had another shade I’d forgotten about that looked similar. And repeat. And repeat.

I figured I’d do a quick comparison while I have time and inclination in case you had some of these or any catch your eye…

From L-R these are NYC’s Mint Macaroon, Models Own Jade Stone, Beauty UK unnamed (may be called Jade), China Glaze For Audrey
2 coats of each, the Beauty UK one is still pretty patchy, the other three could of got away with the two coats
China Glaze straight away is the most turquoise of these. It’s one of my favourite polishes and one the boy loves as well! Beauty UK and Models Own are a similar shade but I prefer Models Own and it has a better formula. Plus can you hate something if it has your name in it? Mint Macaroon is a shade on it’s own, a beautiful spring green. I love these kind of shades!

Do you like? Do you own any of these shades? Do you have any more suggestions? I need more polish like a hole in the head but I love it!


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