Sunday, 2 September 2012

NOTD–NYC Mint Macaroon

This whole ‘no nail varnish at work’ shenanigan is getting old fast. It’s depressing when one of the reasons you are excited about having days off work is so you can paint your nails. Especially in summer time when wearing pastels is the law!

A new purchase and current fave is this cheapie courtesy of NYC…
It goes between a minty and a more ‘spring’ green, either way I LOVE IT!! I want to paint just about all of my belongings this colour. Awesome.

This was three easy coats. I could of got away with two were it not for my shoddy painting skillz.
As for the 7 day wear claim? Nada. I wore this for three and it was looking tatty, you can see a chip on my ring finger in the above pictures. However for £2.49 this is a total winner!

Do you get cravings for summery hues? I gladly wear pastels all year round but this is a new fave!

Until next time! x

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