Monday, 16 August 2010

What I used in the bath today....

Hi guys! I'm a little bit ashamed I haven't managed to even get this blog off the ground yet, I was hoping to get it started at the end of uni but alas, due to re-takes, work and other bizzles I haven't yet. So I'm going to pull my finger out and start now before I start uni again (yay last year!) and yet again have no time.
So to begin....
I decided to do a first post about the everyday things I use and this is what I used during my bath this morning......
Soap & Glory - The Greatest Scrub of All

Please accept my apologies for the shoddy Blackberry pictures and that I don't know how to use this website yet!
So I got this scrub last Christmas from my mummy dearest as part of the Soap & Glory Hatbox that was in the January sales in Boots. This scrub is still available at £8 for 125ml according to the website.
I use this scrub maybe twice to three times a week depending on how manky (technical term) my skin is feeling.I don't know how much you can see in the picture above but there are two kinds of scrubby bits in this, smaller grains throughout and a some bigger beads that pop when your scrubbing. The principle with this exfoliator seems to be that the more you scrub the smoother your skin is, and it definately works! I have combination skin with an oily T-zone which isn't sensitive but some products can leave my skin feeling very uncomfortable, especially exfoliators, but this one doesn't. Use a little for a quick scrub (sides of the nose, chin) and a pea sized blob for my whole face.
Overall, if your looking for a foolproof face scrub give it a go. It's suitable for all skin types, there are instructions on how often to use it according to skin type (2-4 times a week for oily, less for combo/dry), the scent isn't madly overpowering like in some Soap & Glory products and it's reasonably priced. I'll be repurchasing when I run out unless something else has caught my eye!

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