Monday, 16 August 2010

Review - Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for normal to oily skin

I picked this up on holiday in NYC in April as I was trying to save space and took a tiny pot of cleanser that lasted all of two days, doh. I'd read about this on MakeupAlley and saw it in a drugstore for around $8-9 for 8 fl oz or 237ml, and I've used it pretty much daily since.
According to their website this cleanser is suitable for oily, normal and combo skin, removing makeup and other gunk without irritation or drying, and it is dermatologist recommended. As you can see (kind of) the product is clear with almost a watery consistency. Although it does make my skin feel clean after use it doesn't really lather which I know some people do like, but it doesn't come with the tight, irritated and itchy feeling that I sometimes get after using products with muchos latering. I use this to remove my face makeup, following with Soap & Glory's Clean Mary (review to come!) as some days I do wear primer, foundation, the works and I like to ensure it's completely gone before I go to bed. I only use one pump so it has lasted for aggges but it is approaching empty. Unfortunately I don't think this version is available in the UK :( as it isn't showing on the website and I haven't seen it in places that do stock Cetaphil products (such as Lloyd's Pharmacy) so although I do want to repurchase it may have to be an eBay jobby.
Overall, if your looking for a cleanser that may not perform miracles but will remove your makeup and other dirt and grime without making your skin uncomfortable or clogged, give this a go. There is another version for sensitive or dry skin and I may give this one a go during the winter time when I do get dry patches. Let me know how you got on if you have used this version....

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