Monday, 16 August 2010

Review - Soap & Glory Clean Mary Cleansing Milk

This is another product in the Soap & Glory hatbox I got just after Christmas, in the box it was a large sample sized tube. At first I didn't bother using it because I was trying to use up my Clinique cleansing soap but after eventually deciding to give that up as it wasn't working for me I thought I'd give this a bash. According to the Boots website, 3 or 4 pumps should be rubbed onto your face. I find that I use two and that is plenty, although I do usually use this after my Cetaphil for a bit of extra cleansing to make sure I'm squeaky clean! It really does have a milky consistency, I much prefer the pump application of the full size than the tube of my sample which was mostly lost to the bottom of the shower.
The packaging says that it is supposed to help reduce pores and smooth the skin and that it is suitable for all skin types. Although I am usually skeptical to claims such as these I have found since using this daily my pores have shrunk a LOT, though this may also be due to the different toners I have been using.
When I finished my sample I immediately hunted around about 4 different Boots stores in my area looking for this badboy, eventually I did find some on one of those clearance stands at half its usual price (£6 for 180ml) so I think it may be in the processes of being discontinued. It's showing at its usual price on the Boots website though. I hope they don't get rid, for the few weeks I didn't use it I could definately tell the difference in my skin, have repurchased several (cleared out Boots I found it in, 3 bottles!) and if you can find it, I recommend!

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