Friday, 16 December 2011


Sorry guys I have been absent for a bit, I’m stressing about new job and moving and money etc

Here’s what the weeks have been filled with…



My little Fluffer on our hideous kitchen floor. Incidentally, it is incredible hard to spot rabbit wee with the naked eye on this flooring. If you can’t smell it you’ll never find it. Gross. Anyway, she looks like she’s swimming. Brownie just looks adorable, you can’t really see how furry her paws are here, they are ACE!


I don’t mean to look so mardy, I was trying to be a badman. And I have a CRAZY HUGE spot on my nose here, that has also been gwaning this week. I haven’t had a spot on my nose since my first one when I was like 11!!!!!!!!!!!! Annoying beyond words. Still the hat is boom, £5 from the kids section at Tesco. To be honest I’m glad I can fit in anything in the children’s section regardless if its a hat and doesn’t really count.

And last but not least…


It looks wrong but tasted so right. This is ‘creamy cajun chicken pasta’ made following a recipe on the Big Oven app. I was talking to my sister while sprinkling parmesan on top so you can see it is EVERYWHERE.


When flat hunting had adjourned my parents and I went to a restaurant called Fire and Stone, they do mainly pizzas with crazy toppings! I had the New York which is topped with smoked bacon, garlic and rosemary potatoes, onion jam, sour cream and paprika. It sounds SO odd but it was really nice!


One of the Olympic mascot Wispa-esque things. I didn’t crop Fluff out, she looks thoughtful. Either masterminding her escape or capture of food.


Hm. Considering I don’t even buy Cadbury’s myself (Krafty bastards) I seem to have eaten a lot of it. My sister got these for a party at school she didn’t end up going to so I took it upon myself to save them from waste….. I love Animal biscuits

So there you have it. A lot of rabbits, food and headwear mixed in with a hefty amount of stress and impending grey hair. Brilliant!

I’m at the boys this weekend and he is working a bit so I will get some blogging done! If there is any light to take pictures with that is…….

I hope your all well :)

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  1. Loving the hat and the food porn has made me very hungry!
    Pizzaaaaaaaaaaa :)


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