Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nip + Fab–Cleansers Part Zwei

Hi ladies!

I hope you are having a good week! I always forget how much waking up in the dark affects me! I actually hate it, it’s a valid call for hibernation I think. The dull days make me liable to nap is all I’m saying.

This is a continuation of my current cleanser collection. I came to the realisation that I’d gradually accumulated myself quite a collection and I should probably do something about that. I’m working my way through them and telling you what I think, the first cleanser covered was Alpha H’s Triple Action Cleanser.

I had been itching to try a cleansing oil. The oil takes away oil part does make sense to me and it feels like the kind of texture to be good at ‘loosening’ makeup so I had envisaged it good for double cleansing. These were my speculative thoughts before purchase.

I had fully intended to do my research on cleansing oils before I did get one. However, curiosity got the better of me and when I saw Nip + Fab’s Clean Fix Facial Cleansing Oil in Boots for around £10 I just grabbed it.

NipFabCleanFix It claims to be a ‘2-in1 cleanser + make up remover that sweeps away daily dirt + grime, even stubborn mascara + maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance’ on the Nip + Fab site. For your money you get 120ml of product in a cute pump top bottle. It’s clear so you can see how much you have left and the pump dispenses a nice amount of product. The annoying thing about this is if I want to take it away with me. To ‘lock’ the pump top you have to push it down and screw it round, a bit wasteful and because I’m a clumsy idiot I sometimes have to have a second or third attempt (I’m a plonker at times!).

The oil itself has a nice viscosity and smell. I have used it both on dry skin as instructed and wet skin, I preferred using it on wet skin personally as I felt a little cleaner afterwards. On dry skin I felt this loosened makeup as opposing to removing it entirely and even when I wet my hands to emulsify the oil my skin didn’t feel entirely rinsed of it afterwards. This isn’t a gigantic problem for me as I use my rosewater and witch hazel toner after cleansing but regardless I didn’t like the feeling of my skin prior to it.

I only used this to remove eye makeup once and that is because it was a shambles. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin or eyes but when I tried to get rid of some mascara (not stubborn or waterproof by any stretch) it was a little stingy and I had cloudiness for over an hour, no joke. My eyes felt red and a little irritated. I only remove eye makeup with cleansers that explicitly say you can and I’ve never had this occur which is a bit annoying.

Another thing about this that might bother people…


The first ingredient is Mineral Oil. I don’t know much about this myself and what I do is gleaned from Wikipedia but I do know that some people avoid this in products. I haven’t looked at any of the other ingredients but I thought I would notify if this is something that you are concerned about.

I like it’s a UK company and made in the UK but that aside, there isn’t a lot about this I do like. Aside from everything I’ve mentioned already it’s started to go cloudy in the tube. This is not something I am particularly worried about but it is not noted anywhere to expect this…

If I use this as directed, I don’t personally feel this delivers what it sets out to. I don’t mind it as part of a double cleanse if used first, or to remove face makeup if I tone after but to use alone or remove eye makeup, no thanks. You may have better success and if you want an easily obtainable and not too expensive cleansing oil to try then give it a shot but I personally would not repurchase.

When I’ve used up a few more cleansers I may give another oil (mineral free) a try – do you have any recommendations?

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