Sunday, 27 November 2011

Look Beauty

Good evening ladies! I hope you have had a good weekend! I’m at the boys at the mo, had a lazy weekend and just finished watching the Brazilian Grand Prix. Creamy tomato pasta for tea and Mars ice cream for pudding, bliss!

In the week I went to my local shopping centre in the pursuit of some Christmas presents. That didn’t happen, but on perusal of Superdrug I saw they had replaced a few stands with the Fashionista and Look Beauty brands. Some things on the Fashionista stand did catch my eye but when I got to the Look Beauty stand and saw the nail polishes I was sold. I haven’t bought anything in ages due to lack of funds but Wednesday was a good day for me as I GOT A JOB!! So I thought treatage was well in order. I looked at the Look lipsticks and liked a few, looked at the blushers and I liked a few. Then I saw if you spent so much or bought 2 items of Look Beauty then you got a free polish! DONE!


I nailed it down to one lipstick, Shade 2 Tangerine Dream and one blusher, Shade 2 Flush, chosen by my brother. The packaging is cute, the colour is pretty and the pattern is adorable, it definitely adds interest into what could have been a bit bland and cheap looking with the text.

If you live in the UK you’ll know the light has been appalling lately, the sun doesn’t rise at all I swear! I tried to snatch a bit of sunlight earlier to take these, hence the hardcore shadows.


The lipstick is a little washed out here but you can get the jist. It isn’t as orange as I thought it would be from the name, it’s a pretty coral orange pink. I’m awful with shades. It is a wearable orangey pink…? I love the colour, it brightens up my face. I wish that I loved every aspect of this as much as the colour. Sadly I find a few things with this nag at me and make it less likely this will be a lipstick I reach for without thinking.

Firstly, the smell. To me this smells of cheap plastic. I’m not sensitive to smells and in the majority of cases they dissipate quickly but this lingers and I don’t like it.

Secondly, it’s a bit of a bitch to apply. On me even if I do exfoliate my lips with my Lush scrub and apply balm this still finds a way to go on patchy and sink into nooks and crannies I weren’t even aware existed. If I tap it with my finger and smudge it about a bit or blot and put gloss over it isn’t so bad but still, it makes it a lot less likely for this to be one of my handbag lipsticks.

The final nail in this lipsticks handbag residency’s coffin is the packaging. It looks gorgeous, having the pattern continued from the box. It has a magnetic closure which normally I would love the ingenuity of, however this closure is not strong enough for me to chuck it in my bag without it’s outer box. It’s not that I won’t wear this, it’s just that if it takes longer than a slap on to apply then it’s pretty much relegated to night out only makeup as I’m always in a rush of a morning.

I did like some of the other shades in the range, Baby Doll for one, but I will be sure to pay bettwe attention to the formula when swatching in store before purchase.

The other product I picked up, chosen by my helpful and ever patient brother who often accompanies on makeup hunting sprees when the boy is otherwise engaged…



The first picture pulls a little bronze as opposed to the second which shows the orange it is in real life. You can see the shimmer in it, it looks a little glittery here but it does pull shimmery. Some particles are larger than others but on the face it does look ‘glowy’ rather than ‘LOOK AT THIS SHIMMER’. Again the packaging is OK, it looks a bit plastic and again I don’t like the text. Magnetic closure again, again not very strong so something I am unlikely to let float around my handbag.

That is the only real negative I can thing of with this one though. The shimmer may be too much for some so swatch before you buy but for me it means I can go without an accompanying highlighter. It lasts pretty well on my normal/combo skin with a little powdering over it, I can definitely still see it after a work day.

The swatches are pretty colour accurate…



You can see what I mean about the lipsticks colour and the blushers ‘glowyness’.

I did have my eye on another blusher in the collection that was displayed at my local Superdrug, (which didn’t look massive in comparison to the look of it in the posts from the bloggers that went to the launch event?) and at least 1 other lipstick so a repeat trip may well be in order but I will definitely take better care in the swatching next time!

For completeness, a small FOTD, this is from the other day and it was 7am, I am semi-conscious (and look it!) so please be kind.


I used Bourjois Healty Mix in 51, a mixture of Bobbi Brown Concealer and Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in 2 Light, Stila Kitten on lids and Revlon Grow Luscious mascara, along with the blusher and lipstick.

If you have made it this far, well done. You may have noticed I haven’t talked about the polish, you can look forward to that next time!

The lipstick was £7 and the blusher was £8, the expensive side of chemist prices.

Have you tried anything from the Look range? Have you any recommendations?

P.S. I have now finished the pasta and it was awesome.


  1. Woo, go us getting jobs! Mine is in Basingstoke, so moving really far, but its a job! I haven't tried anything from look yet, but I keep seeing nice nail polishes on blogs, so might check them out. Not that I'll be wearing much one I start work!

    Anna x

  2. Haha no me either, doesn't stop me buying them by the thousands though!
    I'll be in Portsmouth so probs not that far away! I'm not moving that far away but still it's scary! Good luck! x


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