Saturday, 28 January 2012


It’s true, I am alive and well.

In fact, I am very well. In this last month and a bit I have moved to a different area of the country, into a flat shared with my hetero life partner (aka my boyf) and started a proper job!

So far everything is going swimmingly. Yesterday was my first proper pay day which was exciting though most went on rent and bills rather than the Mulberry handbagasm I was hoping for (sadface)

Due to only getting paid yesterday and leaving my previous job the week before xmas, to say I have been skint is a mahoosive understatement. Therefore my life has mostly consisted of;


Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. I am a total girl and have to have a spoon of hot chocolate in there too because the taste is ick but god knows what I would be like in the morning without it…


Reading. Fact: I heart books. These are all the books I have read since the new year, I am midway through the top one now. I actually squealed when I realised the library was a 2 minute walk away! When I have no money making the pub out of the question and the only telly the boyf permits is the African Cup of Nations, Agatha Christie is my saviour.


Exploring. I have left my beloved West Country for the south coast. I miss my bunnies a lot but they will be joining me soon enough! They had to stay home with my parents as I didn’t have much time to find somewhere suitable for them to live with me before my start date :(

I do love where I am living at the moment, with the exception of the occasional vagrant. It does seem that Southsea is where crustaceans come to die though…



Poor Sebastian.

In more makeup related terms, I have a few goodies you should be seeing soon, some from Christmas time and some payday treats!


One more parting shot of the exploration shenanigans last weekend…


I hope you are all well and had a good Christmas and new year!

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