Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Inky Blue Sparkles!!

Bonjourno! I hope you are all well…. And I hope you are not as depressed as me facing six months of awful weather after last weeks sunshine : ( bad times. I might do a bird and fly south for the winter.

To ease myself pack into the swing of this posting lark I thought I’d begin with the polish I was wearing until about 20 minutes ago.



This is two layers of American Apparel’s Cameo Blue topped with one coat of China Glaze’s Skyscraper from their recent Metro collection.

Cameo Blue is a delight, two coater with a quick drying time. Skyscraper is beautiful in the bottle and is at times on the nail but sometimes I looked at it and felt a bit underwhelmed.


This is it looking sparkly and beautiful, which it does the majority of the time. I will try it by itself and on top of a few others to see if I can make it look it’s best. Regardless, I really liked this mani, dark inky blue is my fave!



Ahhhhhh *angels sing* beautiful Skyscraper in the bottle

I did a little comparison so you could also see just Cameo Blue and Skyscraper, this shows two coats of each..


L – R Skyscraper, Cameo Blue (2 coats) & Skyscraper (1 coat), Cameo Blue


L – R Cameo Blue, Cameo Blue & Skyscraper, Skyscraper, Cameo Blue & Skyscraper

Also note – Skyscraper is a total bitch to remove… I love glitters but times like these make me want to punch them all in the face. And I’m a lover not a fighter, that’s how bad it gets.

When bloggers were showing the collection, to me Skyscraper stood out. I’m glad I snapped it up when I saw it at Sally’s but I kind of feel it could look prettier than it did in this instance. I won’t give up! I need a quest while I am trying to find a ‘proper’ job, this could well be it.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any suggestions for more inky blue shades I could feast my eyes on?!


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